Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Are You Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

FunZen Drill: I Scream For Ice Cream

The Miracle Diamond
"Thank you so much Michi and Grace
for sharing your tools of FunZen with
Jani and all of us [Michael, Bodhi, and I].
It continues to help us through our daily
challenges with Jani's Schizophrenia. Along
with her medication, FunZen works to keep her "Zen-gaged,"
with a clear mind and peaceful heart to protect her spirit
while recognizing her illness. Our intention is to combine
the best of East and Western medicine." - Susan Schofield (Mother)

Thus far there has been vast media attention covering Jani's mental illness. In contrast, my daughter Grace and I have experienced helping Jani find her inner light switch in the darkness to shine from within with her medication. My heart sings with gratitude for the opportunity to share FunZen (meditation made fun) that her parents Susan and Michael Schofield have given us. The diamond light of their soul's divine potential seeking manifestation as a family continues to challenge and inspire us. Here's an Oprah link to see the latest with Jani and her family.
Digging deeper and reaching higher to be part of the solution is our intention here, right now. We want to share how we serve the spirit with the Schofield's with hope vs. hopelessness, courage vs. defeat and humor vs. despair which is what most of the media coverage hasn't revealed yet. What we want to highlight is the vital missing piece of the puzzle concerning stabilizing Jani's attention. When she uses her magic mood tools to activate mindfulness she's like an angel fish in water.
My clear intention for the whole family including baby Bodhi has been "A Gandhi Peace Plan" which I'm humbled at their interest to learn; quieting down monkey mind chatter by simply taking centered breaths one zen moment at a time to hear the whisper of spirit which transcends thought.
No matter what, love never fails, which is my driving force with this family. Most of all I am honored to be an example to my daughter Grace who suggested I write this post and share our "walk the talk" side of this complex equation.
Simply put by Einstein, "When the solution is simple, God is answering."
Some of Jani's favorite Magic Mood Tools & Tips

The Brilliant Basix
1. The Miracle Diamond Breath Alignment Tool: This magic mood tool helps Jani or any child mindfully train their bodies to lift, minds to shift, and their spirits to soar. By following their heart's compass home sweet shaaaalommm on their long breath out...Exhale (whoooshhh) to re-focus inwardly, inhale lovely lavender scent, long breath out melting stress to feel tall, light, firm and zenergized (happy- calm:) With one centered breath at a time Jani is learning about diamond core stabilization to gradually build quiet strength. Tip:The miracle diamond of mindfulness activates the compassionate warrior vs. worrier within her and all of us.
2. Ice Cream Centering: When Jani screams and gets mad we gently guide her to mentally shift to her breathing. Next, she thinks of creamy dreamy ice cream and gradually lets the anxiety and tension melt. The best part is getting to have an ice cream cone to celebrate being in a better place with a bit of gratitude in her attitude. Tip: Gratitude helps us gain altitude by adjusting our attitude.
3. Bodhi Tree Centering: Saying outloud I am centered and maybe like a baby or I am centered and free like a deeply rooted Bodhi Tree... We stand like tree's breathing in through our roots. She love's animated imagery. Tip: This helps Jani ground and protect her spirit to soar, explore and roar.
4. The Little Dolphin: Jani loves water. Swimming helps her let the world go and dive inward with fun images like; being a mermaid, a dolphin or a swim instructor. She likes to give orders and shows empathy as the Latin Proverb suggests: "To learn is to teach and to teach is to learn." Tip: "Keep your cool in the pool of life."
5. The FunZen Zoo: "Finding Zen in the Zoo of Life, with FunZen". Jani's love for animals is other worldly. This is where "Spirituality meets Reality". There is a rich tapestry where Grace helps Jani zenjoy reality by showing patience and ways to not suppress but surpass her thoughts non-judgmentally yet always in sync with her meds. When Jani holds a puppy or a kitty she can sense the unconditional love. Tip: The pills are there as long as necessary or until the magic of skill mastery can take full effect in reversing the curse of the seeming problem.
6. The Magic 143 Charm: With Jani's love 4 numbers this breath drill is one of her favorites. Fully breathe in 1 (expanding tummy) pixie pause Long Breath Out 4 and 3 Ahhhh tightening tummy muscles). 143 means I love you. Tip: pass it on. ❤❤❤❤
One of Jani's favorite quotes:

"You have to Meditate and Play both at once."
His Holiness The Dalai Lama
Ti amo, Chocolate Kisses

FunZen Girls
(Michiko and Grace)


  1. Michiko & Grace, you are a powerful (& fun) combination - glad you were able to connect and bring actual tools, hope, and solutions to Jani & her family! I love the distinction of "surpassing" rather than "suppressing" thoughts. Thanks for sharing your gifts and light with the world!

    Dr Ben

  2. Michiko and Grace,
    your dedication of time, talent and ever expanding love for the Schofield family has repeatedly astounded us all in the community. Thank You to you both for bestowing the wisdom of you and your historical zen lineage. You have skillfully shaped zen into convenient, yet deep, modern day tools. It is nothing short of amazing to witness Jani centering herself and her spinning mind through her miracle diamond. It is so honorable to see the You, Michael and Susan empower people every where.
    You have our love and support,
    Angela and The army of Angels

  3. I believe teaching others to be empowered regardless of their physical limitations and circumstances is super important. And some very simple techniques (like the ones you've shared) can do just that. Bravo!