Friday, July 13, 2012

How FunZen Helps Me Everyday

Me with my Young Artist Award for Best Actress In  a Voice Over Role for my portrayal of Lucy in Happiness Is A Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown

Hi Guys, it's me Grace. I thought I'd take a shot at writing my own entry on how my mom and I use FunZen and here it is. 

FunZen. Simply put, making zen fun. It helps me everyday as a mindful teen: At school, on stage, and in the voice over booth. It makes my life easier in so many ways. Whenever I'm stressed I have a magic mood tool to help me out and keep my cool by shifting from a worrier to a warrior.

Everyday, we all face challenges that can threaten to send us off spiraling into a black hole of anger and frustration. However, with cool tools you can find a way out of that said black hole. At school, sometimes the pressure can get a bit intense. That with taking honors classes and test taking, it's easy to let the pressure swallow you up. However, when you have zen breathing and centering techniques by your side, it's easy to keep on keeping on. Being on my A game starts with my approach... I actually met Dr John Demartini from the movie The Secret. He taught me to say I'm a genius and I apply my wisdom. My mom has the secrets to unleash our hidden  potential. At school, I have to walk up a ton of stairs too! That's where the core-strengthening miracle diamond and my posture come in. I have to stay upright or the weight of my backpack could hurt my back. 

It also helps me when I'm on stage! When I'm performing in front of crowds of people, it's a little nerve wracking. They say that fear of public speaking is more prominent than fear of death, well with FunZen that fear dissipates substantially. I can get up on stage, do my thing, sing my heart out and play my guitar like nobody's business. All I have to do is take some deep slow breaths before I go on. No shallow ones, deep ones straight from my core and then I'm ready to go. When you press your zen button of effortless effort with a long breath out, whoooosh, your nerves ease away.

Then there's my voice over acting behind a microphone stand in a sound proof booth. When you're reading a script, they want variation and lots of it. It can be overwhelming and sometimes it threatens to put you into a panic. To shift from panic to poise, I remember to press my zen button to mentally start over, whooosh stopping in the name of love, Breathe deeply to relax  into the present moment and focus on my lines with 'I got this' confidence. No matter how many lines, how many different takes, no matter how long it takes I've got a happy calm, cool, collected state of mind thanks to my cool mood tools.

Now, I'm not keeping all of these tools to myself. Everyone needs tools for those moments where some breathing tips and tricks would be extremely helpful. Like when someone gets on your bad side or just anytime things don't go your way.The FunZen tools I use will help you with ease any time you're feeling less than your best.

M&M - Mindful Moments

My Aha-Candy Secret Inspirational Recipe. (Mm, M&Ms)

Relax and Soften into the present moment, Tune in to your breathing naturally...Breathe in I am Being 

Long Breath Out my best and letting go and letting God (Divinity) handle or do the rest...

All it takes is a mini zen breath tune-up and a sprinkle of empowering heart thoughts and you're ready to handle and overcome anything thrown at you by life. Lemons and all.

Ti Amo!

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  1. Honey boo boo childJuly 19, 2012 at 10:55 AM

    Talk about turning lemons into lemonade, you make lemon merinque pie in the sky and prove that kids and teens can be mindful in their real lives and still Rock on! When I grow up, I wanna be more myself like you.
    I love you ❤ (btw, i'm a big honey boo boo child fan;)

  2. Great advice from a pro on how to handle stress in difficult situations; with people, performance demands, audiences, and even exercise. I commend you Grace on your hard work. You and your Zen Mommie definitely have earned the respect, awards, and accolades that you have and shall receive in the future. Your dedication to hard work, perseverance, and respect for the spirit, truth, the work you do, each other, and those you inspire is tremendous. God bless you all and I'm already all grown up and want to be like you. Thanks for the inspiration. I may buy some m&m candies just to feel less stressed today. Each bite will remind me to take a long breath in and whooosh out, centering me in the moment. Thanks a bunch. Much love, and laughter. Keep it light!