Sunday, March 7, 2010

How To Be So Blessed & Destressed! Interview with Lori Lite

"Stressed is desserts spelled backwards." Unknown

We are serving up spiritual dessert at the FunZen Bakery with Lori Lite, Zentrepreneur Mom, Author and Founder of Stress Free Kids and ABC's Shark Tank Winner. Stress Management Expert, Author Brian Luke Seaward Ph.D says "With stress now as American as apple pie...,everyone, kids too, must deal with stress and changing your attitude toward it is the best way of coping."

Grace and I are delighted to share a fun Q & A Interview with Lori presenting some of her Magical Tools: To Educate, Empower, and Inspire kids and the kid in all of us to Release Stress, Relaxercise, and Refresh from Top to Toe.

Here's 3's a Charm Interview Teasers to Zenjoy!

1. Find out how to breathe away stress and feel blessed~in one simple breath.

2. Discover how Lori used her Stress Free Techniques before swimming with the sharks.

3. Find out why we call Lori the sweet Dreamzzz Fairy.

Visit Stress Free Kids and check out Lori's Indigo Dreams Collection of Books and CD's that Rock! Also, Meet, Greet and Tweet with her.

Pixie Pause Pointer: Blowing a zen KISS means Keep It So Simple, (Short, Sweet and to
the point) Smiling in the present moment; Centered and stress free like a deeply rooted wisdom tree.

Getting here and now into the present moment doesn't take more time, it's a micro-shift (1000 milliseconds in a second) of mindfulness. Just imagine blowing your pinwheel (long breath out) and instantly note feeling empowered and zenergized from your center, its that simple. MUAH OX Go and twirl with Kendra @pinwheelgirl to continue feeling so blessed :)

Just sayin; Cool Tools you'll use found at Stress Free Kids and The FunZen Bakery can be used by any child that is feeling stressed, facing ADD, ADHD, Anger issues, Anxiety, Autism, and everyday modern life. Simply put, We are here to help you and your kids activate self-healing and empowerment mindfully. Remember "Ohana" means family where no one is forgotten...Sharing in the spirit of generosity "Ubuntu" makes us a human family.

Please spread the word and share with your friends, Thank you. We Love you. FunZen Girls OX

Remember; It's not just Zen. It's FunZen and Dr Seuss says "Fun is good."

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