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Freeing Your Inner Swan, Part 4

Take Your Bow

"I want you to open your hearts and see the world in a different way. I promise this will change your life for the better." Oprah Winfrey

Thank you for keeping an open mind and opening your hearts to see things differently.With these swan lake steps you can free your inner swan of beauty, serene strength, and transformation.

As you may have noticed, Oprah's quotes have illuminated some of my previous blogs. I share her passion of bridging the gap between Eastern Teachings (i.e. Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth online class) and immediate Western concerns that we hear or read about in the media. I call her the zen queen of truly starting the conversation. This caught my eye when I was pregnant with Grace 14 years ago. It has continued to be a source of empowerment for me as a mother. My life changing "free your inner swan" experience happened two years ago when Oprah was in my house with Jani Schofield. click here to read more

A recurring challenge I've come across from tele-coaching and emailed Q & A sessions is how to deal with doubt and uncertainty.

Two of my tele-coaching students, who experienced a shift in perspective, shared this similar question.

Q. Why does uncertainty creep into my thinking even when things get better? As soon as I start to feel good, I'm hit with a fear of failure and this looming doubt that something bad will happen.

A. The negative thoughts and emotions are like clouds in the sky that are there to be dismissed not entertained. From a zen perspective, when some thing like an unexpected occurance is bothering you, step back, stand tall inside and breathe mindfully, with non judgmental observation. The disappointment is seen with appreciation as a teacher not a tormenter. This empowers you with self-love to really feel and neutralize any negative feelings that arise and are now being released. To help you embrace this discovery process, I am honored to share these brilliant insights from @ValenciaRay MD. She left comments on Free Your Inner Swan Part 1 and 2 that inform us that ego based doubt is an "Enormous Growth Opportunity.” Worry is only negative focus on what you DON'T want. Be informed; the brain sees images and ignores "don't." Attention= I Want, period."

For a bit of clarification (essence of zen), the two students I mention are committed to our Zen training. Our main concern is connecting our knowing and doing. By turning what we know into what we do, we become an artist of life. It's perfectly okay to simply read and perhaps study these new ideas or seeds of enlightenment. They can trigger an aha moment with your gift of insight and inspire your transformation process. For example, the wisdom based teachings of Abraham-Hicks can help you to deepen your spirit and awaken Self Realization or Oneness with ideas of non resistance. For instance, "Appreciation and self love are the most important aspects you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others and the appreciation of yourself are the closest vibrational matches to Source Energy of anything we have ever witnessed anywhere in this Universe."

The 6 stages of change begin with pre-contemplation and the foundational tool called self acceptance. It is the fertile soil for growth and change.

But, it is beyond the scope of this blog to dive into these deep waters.

Zenlightened Living begins with remembering to remember that we don't change lives. We only plant and cultivate wisdom seeds of light. Our original nature handles the rest with divine timing.

Mental Fitness was written to help anyone get grounded in the brilliant basics. With it, if you choose, you can embody Legendary Artist, Misha Baryshnikov's wise words; "Fundamentals are the building blocks of fun." FunZen embraces our artist side (inner child) that wants to have fun learning and the Zen disciplined side (inner parent or coach) that establishes a work ethic to be successful. To soar and explore this topic visit Author, Julia Cameron @the_artists_way. Her vision is found in this quote from Pablo Picasso "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

The "Taking Your Bow" Inspirational Recipe: giving you the best tools and the right know how to have a clear mind, peaceful heart and joyful warrioress spirit.
Here we go, Close your eyes (or softly focus) Open your Heart

1st Step: Exhale Whooosh (pressing your zen button) to re-focus in the present moment relax and soften into your authentic self. Breathe deeply to and from your core naturally. Allow the Centered Breath to take care of itself (p. 22 Mental Fitness)

Affirm: Go within or Go without: I am Going Within for my life lesson to feed my faith, and starve doubt with what I truly envision for myself. On the other hand, I Go Without my Insight (aha blessing).

By simply making this choice with intent, we can shift from worrier to peaceful warrioress or warrior.

Shout Out! Author, Artist. Warrioress, Janet Jackson's awesome book "True You" shares the blesson of taking her bow with Honesty Heals and how it helps to build trust, self esteem and quiet strength or real confidence. She reveals her painful journey of finding and loving herself which embodies the message of Freeing Your Inner Swan @JanetJackson, Amen. Namaste.❤

Please visit previous blog for information on Mental Fitness: what I'm currently referring to as Yogi Tea for the Mind ❧ Foreword by Leonard Cohen.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Freeing Your Inner Swan Part 3

"Only the still pool reflect the stars." Zen saying

From a zenlightened perspective, which is seeing with a clear mind, peaceful heart; I resonate with Jon Braeley, Director of "The Zen Mind" who mentions that the intent of zen training "is to rid the mind of ego and self doubt, to reach satori or self realization."

In this blog, Freeing the Inner Swan (part 3 ) I wanted to briefly address striking a yin/ yang balance between a healthy ego which involves (self esteem and confidence) and an aspect of ego (inner toxic critic). The distinction that has brought me clarity is the subtle difference between self esteem and confidence. Self-esteem is related to caring or loving who you are being no matter what you are doing. Self confidence is knowing you are good at what you are doing and believing in yourself. By witnessing this contrast I've worked with many successful, wealthy people who are excellent at what they do, yet seem to not truly love who they are or feel good about themselves. The word independent is key here to observe as inward dependence on our Beingness, Spirit, or God. Once we connect to our spirit or being through centering exercises like meditation the doing has a chance to fall naturally into place. A healthy ego is when our self esteem or being and confidence doing are working together in harmony.

When I was doing research, I asked the question "What is a healthy ego? " The name Carolom showed up with her illuminating suggestions and a reference to Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth
message board from Oprah's website. I have reprinted it for you here.

"Wholeness is a return to identification with the origin of creation; a return to contemplation of the field of consciousness itself; a return to what is referred to as God,Beingness, or Spirit." Eckhart Tolle

You know you have a healthy Ego Carolom

*You have transcended the state of duality and opposites and are living a fully integrated life

*You are clear on why you are here, what you are to do and have embraced the unique gifts and talents you have to fulfill your Earth walk, enjoying your unique gifts and talents as a part of that

*You recognize that 'love, light and nice' is not always the answer...sometimes the difficult conversations and powerful Energetic cross currents require firm and assertive action

*You are comfortable in your role within the One whilst also embracing the individualized aspects of it...(the "Me" within the "We' )

*You take time to grow, develop and nurture your inner Self whilst contributing to the external world and its manifestations - including developing a healthy relationship with Egos call of the Self

*You love and honour all aspects of your Being by recognizing the Ego's immature state of selfishness and narcissism prior to the mature Ego state of a strong sense of identity and purpose..'make peace not war' within.

*You are comfortable immersing in the Ocean of Abundance and enjoying the fruits of lifes ventures whilst sharing with others the lessons and blessons

*You take responsibility for your snarky moments and blurky bits, embracing them with open arms and lightness of being

*You recognize the role that Ego plays in the development of the individual...individual ... as opposed to the Ego being the re-scripted version of the Devil and God battle and dualism and opposites story of old.

* You have evolved beyond the 'children of a loving Father" story and accepted your role as co-creator with Creation and the responsibilities that come with that

*You have identified your boundaries and are comfortable challenging their transgression and meeting discord with firmness and resolve (especially when working amongst violence and crime)

*You are comfortable with the intellectual combativeness of others...and your own....and choose whether to engage or not engage in all of the scenarios that life presents

*You no longer talk one way and act another...the inner and outer realms are in alignment and harmony

Inspirational Recipe: In One Bite,~ Yin Yang Cake Pops (repeat one breath at a time as often as you wish)

Here we go. In One Breath, let's glow with the flow: Exhale, Whooosh (pressing your zen button) to relax and reset diaphragm~with comfortable upright posture. (Mental Fitness gives you the right know how to be upright in total command of your body soul instrument)

Inhale: Deep blue ocean breath, Catching the wave. Let it rise gradually from your core cradle (hara) to your heart center ❤.

(Pixie Pause for Peace)

Exhale: Long Breath Out~ Soften your chest and start to feel the core tightening up (roots of self support) as you lighten up (wings) with the deep cleansing action of exhaling impurities, stress, and unwanted tension.

After you Exhale completely, rest in the thought free space between the notes.

Ahhhhh ♪ Musical ♫ Pause ♬ Let it Be

Zenjoy finding balance (do be do be do) in the dance of life. With your bite-size sweet/salt taste, you can take One Healing ♡Heart Step ♥ at a time to transform and reach wholeness.❧

What is a Healthy Ego? is a conversational starter. Part 4 will address your questions and perhaps i'll share a couple of soul stories about my re-integration process. Recently I spoke with an amazing lady, her name is Wendy, she helped me articulate making peace with my broken heart pieces. I hope to embrace this hot topic with you to satisfy curiosity, and clear confusion, including any doubts about how we can all spark our own innate beauty, truth, love and goodness. My intention is to share ideas about deepening our connection in building a healthy ego which honors our Beingness, Spirit or God...please tweet, dm or email ??? comments, suggestions, so looking forward...

Mental Fitness (Foreword by Leonard Cohen) is available: Amazon, Bodhi Tree Books , or contact me for Complimentary autographed copy and free gift (up to 22 minutes) telecoaching session by mentioning you read this blog "Free your Inner Swan"

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