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Introducing: The Miracle Diamond

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I assure you, that Thomas Carlyle's wise words "No pressure, no diamonds." was heartfelt in this short youtube presentation.
Thank you for joining us practice being in the "Eye of the Storm."

The simplest and most meaningful idea to me is,
the miracle is a sign that the mind has
chosen to be led by Love. Dr. Sheryl Valentine, Author, Chiropractor

I am delighted to present this impromptu youtube video of Grace and I sharing my mentor/friend, Helen Fleder's masterpiece and priceless treasure,
"The Miracle Diamond."
This is the final segment from our Triple L,

Love, Luck, & Laughter "lunch bunch" talk.

There are many meanings of the word "Miracle". One meaning is "that which is divinely natural but must be learned humanly." According to the self-study curriculum, A Course in Miracles; "A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love." I contribute that miracles happen when we shift our posture from gloom (slouch) to bloom (stretch).

Our inner dancer knows that when the body lifts, the mind shifts and the spirit soars.

"If you concentrate on breathing and posture, the attitude of mind automatically comes
right and wisdom is manifested unconsciously." Zen Master, Taisen Deshimaru

The simple zen soulution of Getting Centered with Mindful Breath Alignment is the most passionate and practical message that I'm delighted to share with you. My own personal struggle with dancing in pointe slippers and learning to surrender with non resistance to reach inner harmony, has been a hard earned and poignant life learned lesson.
My journey of over 25 years has led me to this point.

The Miracle Diamond is an effortless approach to standing upright in balance to defy gravity. When we are out of alignment, we have to fight gravity, thus feeling out of sync and uptight. This is called resistance. We are working harder, not smarter, with growing frustration and failure. The brilliance of The Miracle Diamond is in it's simplicity. It gently reminds us to to be posture aware and straighten-up. We joyously discover how to both rely on gravity for structural balance and defy it to elongate our spine. The best part is that it's a beyond pilates, portable workout.
You can feel elegant and confident like a dancer at anytime, anywhere, and at any age.

The body is a sacred garment...and it should be treated with honor. Martha Graham

Artist, Dancer and Author, Helen Fleder has studied with 2 legendary names in the dance world, Martha Graham and George Balanchine (in picture). She created this supernatural, portable dancers workout that helps us become tall, light and firm. Using Helen's diamond shape ♢ imagery, with repetition activates our muscle memory. By grounding our spirit, we learn to take root and fly with her skillful instructions "lifting up gets you there" and "lacing up keeps you there"

I am a cloud – in trousers. ~ George Balanchine ~

"Exercise is only as beneficial as the posture in which it is performed." Best-selling Author, Dan Millman

Without further ado, absorb what is useful. Give yourself the experience of being magically upright by using The Miracle Diamond. If I would have had this awesome posture tool a few years ago when I was asked to dance in a European Ballet Company, (Royal Ballet of Flanders, Belgium) I wouldn't be here today. Actually, sharing these enlightened living tools, to find balance in the dance of life, keeps me on pointe and is far more meaningful to me. Thank you profusely for reading this blog and for helping us make a positive difference one person at a time.

Update: 1/27/17 -Learn more about The Miracle Diamond of Mindfulness- Mindful Posture Tool 
Check out Helen Fleder's new book "Shape Up!!"

Teaching Kids FunZen and Parents
to be Mindful.
"As parents, then, what we teach our children is no different from what we must
keep teaching ourselves." Deepak Chopra

The Miracle Diamond (mindful breath alignment tool) helps us train our bodies to feel magically upright by feeling embraced and uplifted. This awesome tall, light and firmed-up feeling of good alignment also applies to sitting, lying down, standing, and walking. The supporting power of our lower abdomen (hara) and pelvic muscles responsible for balance (stabilization) and control naturally come into play as we breathe into and from our center or core. Consider, with this awesome posture tool you'll instantly feel a confident boost.

*I personally want to thank my dear mentor, mommy friend Vicki Kirschenbaum for helping me tap into my confident swagger (lol) in presenting The Miracle Diamond.

For teaching kids FunZen please click here Magic Mood Tools

Miracle Diamond Pointers for Mindful Walking

"People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don't even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child -- our own two eyes. All is a miracle." Thich Nhat Hanh

Inspirational Recipe:

Walk Our Talk Trail Mix (photo Martha Stewart)
Miracle Diamond Heart & Soul Steps

Exhale, (whoosh) press your zen button to mentally reboot, relaxing into the precious present to re-focus. Inhale fresh energy or imagine drawing in a lovely lavender scent. Allow your breath to flow in and out through your nose and mouth as you establish your own pace of grace.
Take your time...gradually extend your exhalation, Just say Ahhhh (long breath out) which helps you activate both your diamond core and quiet strength of non resistance.
Consider YES rhymes with both bless and stress. By simply learning to say yes to stress, you can dismiss any resistance and affirm I am too blessed to be stressed.
i.e. A bit of gratitude can go a long way, especially when we get easily bothered. Instead, of reacting negatively we can remember to feel grateful for the situation. This mindful approach gently reminds us to say yes and feel less stressed. Now, we can nonjudgmentally return to the simple truth of our breath to ground and center us in the moment.
Taking one Mindful Breath and Step at a time helps us shift from a worrier to a warrior with present moment awareness. As we learn from practice, using our miracle diamond posture tool helps us to experience this essential element of love...☞Love truly embraces & lifts us up.

Once we are uplifted it is easier to open our heart wings and see the world in a whole new light.

For more insightful instruction visit Blog "Angels Fly Because They Take Themselves Lightly" (scroll down a bit to zen upliftment recipe and click here for Mindful Breath Mood Tool Tip
In the words of Toni Morrison, "If you surrender to the air you can ride."
Zenjoy your Journey!
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