Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blessing in Disguise

My Zen Experience: From Cursed to Charmed

Recently I was asked by Ogun and Jennifer @UFamilyMatters to be on their talk show to share how (Grace and I) practice Zen (the art of present moment living) and apply it to parenting. It may sound simple on the surface. Well, as the expression suggests still waters run deep. I trusted my vibes to dive in deeper and share a bit of honesty re. my family history. What inspired the idea from "cursed to charmed" is the enchanting Bestselling author, Victoria Moran. Her writing is an inspiration for me, she has said "In fairy tales, being charmed was the opposite of being cursed."

Those simple words reminded me of the mother of Zen, Taoism, which reveals that everything is made from its opposite. Sending a wave of Gratitude to
@MarthaBeck for helping me realize this insight... For instance, if we ask for strength, we get weakness. If we ask for confidence, we get lack of believing in ourselves. Looking back, being born into a Zen legacy felt like a huge burden yet a blessing. My heritage on my dad's side is Afro-European and Japanese on my mom's side. This East meets West contrast has been a blessing in building a bridge of appreciation for the rich tones of music and dance while honoring the zen-like silent space between the music notes of life.

During the almost one hour @UnityOnlinRadio interview, I opened up and shared a few pivotal moments of growing up in a home where we kept the fun in the dysfunctional. The toxic drama or ill will and envy continues to this day...

Without further ado, my grateful heart is overjoyed for the opportunity Rev. Jennifer and Ogun Holder has given us to share our vision and voice of renewed Hope. We are honored to be on the same music page with their timely message
of "Spiritual Parenting" by divine design vs. default.
From a Zen mind, Beginner's mind, parenting perspective I've gleaned from being a life long learner to practice the wisdom from My friend Laura and Editor of @DailyWordMag ; Let go, Let God. I mentioned on the show that my beloved mother set the example when she was well, to lead from my presence with passion and purpose. Those character values modeled the first 5 years of my life and have helped shaped me into who I am today, choosing to teach Grace and myself to live a charmed life. The FunZen Bakery was created with the intent to help ourselves to help others shine brilliantly from within.

Gleek Inspirational Recipe of "Greek Honey Cookies" to nourish Being a Cheerleader for your Soul:

In previous blogs we've shared inspirational recipes with easy to do heart steps to reach for that miraculous state of BEing Centered to access feeling Grounded in Spirit with Zen-like Calm to Carry on this message of light; as Children of God or the Universe we are here to sing our heart's song and shine like the dancing stars You and I already are.

Right now, I want to share how Grace and I simply live our practice moment to moment, with a cool tool newly called the Whoooshh Mindful Breath Charm... Some moments or many, (lol) we are thrown off balance. I remind Grace what I remember from dancing that I have to lose my center to trust finding it again and again. We call this process learning to love what is, @ByronKatie or "Acceptance Therapy". For more details on how to get centered check out my book
Mental Fitness which Head Coach, Phil Jackson of the LA Lakers has used successfully to bring the best out of his players.

Simply by Exhaling right now, Whoooshh...Stop in the name of Love and drawing in an All is One (deep blue whale) Breath we allow ourselves to experience a wave of letting go with the long breath out Ahhhh.

Your Whoooshh Mindful Breath Charm empowers you to
taste the honey of non judgmental observation. We can access reaching Stillness from breathing mindfully to reveal our Socratic-zen lesson known as the Delphi Oracle "Know thyself, Be thyself, Love thyself."

Being the Head Cheerleading for the Soul Coach I would like to send a Gratitude Wave of Love and Cheer On my awesome peeps & tweet-hearts who help all of us Shine. Starting with my you glow girl, High Performance Coach Anne Merrem, who is taking the Whoooshh Mindful Breath charm to a whole new winning results level in Germany, Berlin;
my editing angel, @BeautyofWisdom, @CrissyBayless ,
@DrBenlo, @ValenciaRay, @TheZenMama, @ZenMommy @SamHorn_dot_com,
and the list goes on and on... Remember Ohana means family, nobody is forgotten or left behind. I love ya'll.Gentle reminder; @
TheDailyLove take your daily love vites to stay in the light of love. Ti Amo. <3

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Three's a Charm: Mini Spiritual Tune-up

"I taught them...(discipline) loving yourself enough to do your best... contributes to happiness." Oracene Price, Mother of Tennis Champions, Venus & Serena Williams

"3's a Charm
" is an expression that has its roots in the early Renaissance, many believed three to be an extremely lucky number. My favorite reference is from "The Wizard of Oz" when Glinda the good witch, told Dorothy to click her heels three times to go home. My daughter Grace and I practice this FunZen Drill when we need to Stop, in the name of love and re-focus on middle C or Center to Just BE, re-gaining command of our body-soul instrument.

Recently, I shared this spiritual exercise of tuning up our instrument with my friend, brilliant Photographer/photo journalist, Musician, Robbie Kaye @BeautyofWisdom. She was my inspirational muse that day reminding me that musicians have to tune and re-tune their instrument before they play music. Likewise, anybody can not only entertain but easily learn to take command of their instrument to face the music of life and establish inner harmony and happiness.

Truly when people appear to handle pressure well, also known as "grace under pressure", they've learned to cultivate composure, the fruit of self discipline . Discipline begins within, with respect, integrity and commitment to honor what you love.

Inspirational Recipe: 3 Flavorful Secret Ingredients already hidden inside of you. Adding your spiritual boost: Presence; present moment zenergy, Purpose; keeping attention on your intention, Passion; your inner spark of Divinity...

3 Charmed Breaths to activate staying connected to your Breath of Life, Divine Love and Protection wearing your Ruby Slippers. (see Mental Fitness pg.79 Home Sweet Home)

1st Breath: *Root locket~ Exhale ~relax and re-focus (empty your cup), Inhale slow and deep to your core, feel abdomen rising like a wave of zenergy, Exhale slowly pressing navel to backbone tightening-up to lighten -up Now, feel wave of letting go with roots to know where home is, your stability.

2nd Breath: Rise~ Keep your head to the sky, creating spaciousness inside to feel Tall, Light and Firm inside and out sitting or standing with upright vs. uptight posture, maintain *Root locket. (firming-up, holding quarter between sit bones)

3rd Breath: Radiate~ Allow your Centered Breath to pour in circulating and percolating from your Hara (diamond core cradle). Its your zen moment to Smile and Shine brilliantly straight from your heart.

Namaste...The light of Divine Love in me honors the light of Divinity in you.

*Sanskrit yoga word Mula Bandha is a foundational energetic lock which allows us to build zenergy, laser beam focus, and a stable base for incredible balance both on and off the yoga mat. In a nutshell, tighten up your pelvic floor muscles by squeezing inward and upward towards your navel, this essential exercise is often introduced as kegels. We want those deep inner muscles "smiling" and defying gravity...for detailed instruction see @yogamint.

With deep Respect and Love for Authors, Esther and Jerry Hicks I wanted to close sharing some of Esther's brilliant words of wisdom. I strongly resonate with this affirmation; "I, Esther Hicks see and draw to me, through Divine Love, those Beings who seek enlightenment through my process. The sharing will elevate us both, now."♥

Mental Fitness still available: Amazon, Bodhi Tree Books or, contact me for autographed copy.

Thank You,

FunZen Girls OX
Michiko and Grace

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Art of Zencouragement

"The essence of all art is having pleasure giving pleasure." Misha Baryshnikov

Lucky Charm Starter ♡
: let's apply the essence of this quote with a delicious inspirational recipe; for helping you find your Comfort & Joy Ritual.

Start simply by being curious about what brings you pleasure or joy... Just asking the question and getting quiet by breathing deeper will empower you to hear your lucky "Aha" message smack in the middle of life, perhaps rustling in the Fall leaves, ❧ or twinkling in the night sky.✳

Thank you for visiting the FunZen Bakery,

Zen mommie and Grace oxox

Sunday, August 29, 2010

You Hold the Magic Key!

“Don’t put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket but into your own.” Unknown

I'm delighted to share this wonderful quote that my friend Rita Ross shared with me on a recent sunny day at the park. As you may know, Rita is the Creator of imaginative
Pocket People; authentic, one of a kind, lovely dolls. They remind us of the "Beatitudes" or Be-attitudes connecting us to our enlightened nature as follows; Be beautiful, Be brilliant, and Be bold.

Since the magic key is already in your pocket, what come's next are easy to follow heart steps on how to Activate it.

123 Easy As Pie

Step 1. Pixie Pause... Whooshhh… Slowly exhaling... to reach inner stillness.

Step 2. Look inward, visualize your mind calm like water… Then, deeply~ Inhale~ Pure Love which waters your roots of learning to trust and love yourself.

Step 3. Long Breath Out…Ahhhh ->tighten-up the core to lighten-up ->spreading your heart wings to embrace your innate key to activate your happiness and peace.

Now; take it with you one mindful breath at a time.

Thank you profusely for allowing us to share this inspirational recipe with you...143

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Make, Bake and Decorate at the FunZen Bakery

One of my favorite things about the FunZen Bakery is that parents and kids--in fact anyone--can benefit from picking up our sweet treats to restore character and build confidence. However, our recipes aren’t locked away in a secret treasure chest. We love sharing everything on our menu…along with their very special ingredients and simple instructions for preparation.

You just need to Make, Bake and Decorate.

Make: up your mind to engage and take action.
Bake: to maintain the heat of your concentration power.
Decorate: and magically create your day, your way.

Today’s special treat will be a revitalizing exercise I call the “Morning Glory Cupcake.”

This short maxim basically means that when you look inward towards stillness, you will find your life lesson. Ignoring the inner stillness, and focusing on the storm around you, can cause you to miss out on a blessing. An incident that happened recently led to my stepping inside the FunZen Bakery to use this inspirational recipe myself.

Earlier this year, I received a tweet from a man who expressed disapproval with the idea of FunZen when I used it in conjunction with the Heraclitus quote, "Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play."

The man wasn't’ buying it. He firmly stated that, to him, "FunZen was just New Age mumbo jumbo..." At first, reading his tweet didn't’ just catch me off-guard; it stung me. My initial reaction was to feel insulted… But I took a mindful breath and centered and refocused myself. My inner samurai girl went from reactive to reflective as I reminded myself to choose to detach from negativity. I recalled my life lessons and past teachings which made his words empower me with self-love rather than hurt me emotionally. Getting mad would serve no purpose. I re-tweeted the man and explained that FunZen came from the mouth of a babe, my daughter Grace at 5 years old. It was her name for the breathing and centering exercises that we still practice together everyday.

After telling him about the origins of FunZen, the man said that he now had a new-found respect for it, and acknowledged its usefulness. By not sinking to his level of antagonism, I was able to bring him onboard. It was like a breath of fresh air to see my fellow tweep now shift his perspective. And by going within, and listening to my heart, I was able to make art and communicate with compassion when things seemed to be falling apart. It’s something we can all do: Rather than be reactive when life throws you a curve ball, use your spiritual perspective to gain insight and learn from the issue at hand.

Truly, you can reach the sweet spot of "blessed aha's" with an instant understanding when you are able to see a situation with new eyes. I see this all the time through the eyes of my daughter. FunZen has emerged as a professional tool for Grace as she continues to work as a voice-over artist, and it consistently ignites brilliant performances from within her.

There are many of these exercises on the menu here at the FunZen Bakery, and over time I will be sharing them with you. Some of the centering exercises that have worked like a charm to enable Grace to activate a happy-calm state of concentration are "The Miracle Diamond Lemon Bars,” “Mermaid Starfish Cookies” and “Angel food Cupcakes.”

In future blogs, we'll be serving up more "you-nique ingredients for the Magic of Mindful Living. I will detail each of these exercises (and many more!) so that others may gain the inner peace, courage and confidence that come from using them. At 12 years of age, Grace continues to use these "cool tools" while incorporating FunZen into her everyday life.

Now, let's roll up our sleeves, and take a mindful breath, as I offer you today’s special of the day from the FunZen Bakery--the “Morning Glory Cupcake.”

I find that it’s a holistic tune-up in the morning to start your day…or anytime you need some inspirational “food for thought.” It's all good. It's organic.

The Morning Glory Cupcake

Follow your heart in 3 quick steps as you Make, Bake and Decorate:

You can now tune in to the wisdom that always resides in your heart, enabling you to turn any obstacle into a learning opportunity. Thank you for joining us and engaging in today’s FunZen Bakery’s interactive recipe. We’re always here to Make, Bake and Decorate delicious little nuggets of fresh insights.

P.S. Look at the photo above, and guess who said this. "I have been teaching the art of fine baking for a long time!” Hint: She's a domestic goddess media mogul. Yes, kudos to Martha Stewart.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tasting The Magic Of Mindfulness

Inspirational Recipe Quote: "I am learning to be a good parent to myself (inner child). Shakti Gawain

Through the years, I’ve helped children alleviate the everyday stress, frustration and anxieties they face in order to help nurture their confidence and self-esteem. I do this with spiritual exercises that quiet their young minds, calm and center their bodies and help them navigate skillfully through emotional storms. I developed these inspirational and healing recipes with my 12- year-old daughter Grace.

We call it FunZen.
(Original Sprinkles Cupcakes right)

FunZen draws from the Buddhist concept of mindfulness,which is the ability to tune into the present moment to achieve nonjudgmental observation through coming home to the body's senses. My intention is to help kids of all ages,healers,parents,performers, teachers, and therapists, face the challenges of the 21st Century by cultivating their inner resilience and quiet strength. From my Zen Calendar; Lily Tomlin reminds us that "We are all in this together, by ourselves."

Many of my FunZen centering techniques were refined and tested when I was introduced to young Jani Schofield in early 2007. At that time, Jani was 5 years old, and newly diagnosed with childhood schizophrenia.
You may have heard of Jani. Her story went national after a series of articles in the Los Angeles Times in the summer of 2009 led to an appearance by Jani and her parents, Michael and Susan, on the Oprah Winfrey Show in October of last year. Jani’s problems are well-documented. She would have bouts of wild and vivid hallucinations that were often coupled with violent temper tantrums that her doctors attempted to control with a potent mix of anti-psychotic medications.

The other part of their treatment was to keep Jani constantly engaged with different activities in the hopes that would mediate her sometimes destructive impulses. Michael and Susan Schofield believed daughter Jani slipped into hallucinations and became delusional if she wasn’t constantly stimulated.

When I first met Jani, her parents were interested in seeing if meditation could be used as a tool for helping their daughter rather than the constant use of medication. It became my mission to help Jani find a bit of zenergized happy-calm in the zoo of life. Please understand, I have respect for the Western use of medication and the bio chemical aspect of Jani's treatment. I saw firsthand how drugs helped stabilize Jani’s frenetic energy and curb her psychosis. With her medication, Jani appeared able to follow the activities of daily living.

But, I also noted that Jani’s joyful spirit would vanish in a drug-induced haze when she needed more meds to handle her "out of control" behavior. That’s when I came to appreciate that medication is only one part of an approach to treating childhood mental illness.

Enter FunZen.

My goal in introducing Jani to FunZen meditation was to use it as a complement to her medical treatment in the hopes that gradually, over time she would require less drugs. At the heart of my FunZen exercises are mindful breathing techniques that when practiced correctly, help to alleviate stress and enable a child to find zenergized calm and peace in whatever storm they may be navigating. One FunZen exercise we used is something I call “The Miracle Diamond for Breath Alignment.” To employ this technique, I had Jani stand upright, focus inwardly, and slowly exhale with a long whoosh. Then, I asked her to slowly inhale, thinking of something sweet and calming, like the smell of lavender; ahhhhh (long breath out). After repeating this process slowly, and imagining the stress melting like heat applied to snow, Jani would begin to feel tall, light, firm in her diamond core…and zenergized!

Naturally, FunZen can used by any child that is feeling stressed. These spiritual exercises and mindfulness techniques will become second nature as you practice them and gain momentum by zenergizing the mind-body connection.

Jani proved to be very receptive to FunZen and showed great potential as a student. Her parents and I noticed the benefits of the spiritual exercises right away. Jani’s attention span increased, improving her ability to focus and we could see an overall sense of comfort and joy in her when she was in a peaceful surrounding. It was only when Jani was constantly busy; that is, following the Western approach as a human "doing" rather than the Eastern approach as a human "being in balance," that she appeared to lose touch with her heart's compass of inner wisdom. This Eastern Zen approach of using meditation to bring about dramatic change in behavior has been chronicled by many scholars. In Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa’s book "Meditation as Medicine" he states that by meditating we are "activating the healing force within us."

After working with Jani Schofield for more than two years, I’ve come to believe that Jani's spirit of pure being is not touched by her mental illness. This became very clear to my daughter Grace and I one day as we watched Jani listen to music by the Beatles and Michael Jackson. The tunes Jani enjoyed so much clearly had a meditative effect on her, and she was at peace as she
sung along.

Meditation techniques are ageless. They have been written about since the beginning of time. However, most of the focus has been on its use by adults. The success I’ve had using FunZen meditation techniques like Mindfulness to bring a clear mind, peaceful heart in stressful situations to Jani Schofield (and, for that matter, to my own daughter Grace) shows that children can embrace and use meditation too.

Most importantly, meditation and tools like Lori Lite's StressFreeKids breathing can be an effective complement to standard Western medical treatment employed by those suffering from mental disorders like childhood schizophrenia, autism or anxiety ADD, ADHD. It is a holistic alternative to heavy medication and constant engagement. I saw it help Jani Schofield, and I believe that other special needs children or any child can benefit from FunZen as well.


Michiko Rolek is a life coach and the author of Mental Fitness, a unique book that offers workouts for the mind, body and soul for peak performance available at Amazon She is now dedicated to helping children and serving the spirit of humanity with "ubuntu" (kindness) to exercise mindfulness, relieve stress, and shine from within through the use of her FunZen inspirational recipes. For more information stay tuned in at The FunZen Bakery where "Talk does not bake the cupcakes, Walking the talk does."

Sunday, March 7, 2010

How To Be So Blessed & Destressed! Interview with Lori Lite

"Stressed is desserts spelled backwards." Unknown

We are serving up spiritual dessert at the FunZen Bakery with Lori Lite, Zentrepreneur Mom, Author and Founder of Stress Free Kids and ABC's Shark Tank Winner. Stress Management Expert, Author Brian Luke Seaward Ph.D says "With stress now as American as apple pie...,everyone, kids too, must deal with stress and changing your attitude toward it is the best way of coping."

Grace and I are delighted to share a fun Q & A Interview with Lori presenting some of her Magical Tools: To Educate, Empower, and Inspire kids and the kid in all of us to Release Stress, Relaxercise, and Refresh from Top to Toe.

Here's 3's a Charm Interview Teasers to Zenjoy!

1. Find out how to breathe away stress and feel blessed~in one simple breath.

2. Discover how Lori used her Stress Free Techniques before swimming with the sharks.

3. Find out why we call Lori the sweet Dreamzzz Fairy.

Visit Stress Free Kids and check out Lori's Indigo Dreams Collection of Books and CD's that Rock! Also, Meet, Greet and Tweet with her.

Pixie Pause Pointer: Blowing a zen KISS means Keep It So Simple, (Short, Sweet and to
the point) Smiling in the present moment; Centered and stress free like a deeply rooted wisdom tree.

Getting here and now into the present moment doesn't take more time, it's a micro-shift (1000 milliseconds in a second) of mindfulness. Just imagine blowing your pinwheel (long breath out) and instantly note feeling empowered and zenergized from your center, its that simple. MUAH OX Go and twirl with Kendra @pinwheelgirl to continue feeling so blessed :)

Just sayin; Cool Tools you'll use found at Stress Free Kids and The FunZen Bakery can be used by any child that is feeling stressed, facing ADD, ADHD, Anger issues, Anxiety, Autism, and everyday modern life. Simply put, We are here to help you and your kids activate self-healing and empowerment mindfully. Remember "Ohana" means family where no one is forgotten...Sharing in the spirit of generosity "Ubuntu" makes us a human family.

Please spread the word and share with your friends, Thank you. We Love you. FunZen Girls OX

Remember; It's not just Zen. It's FunZen and Dr Seuss says "Fun is good."

p.s. Re. anyone needing foolproof hi tech angel support (like me) for leaving a comment just scroll to name/url, url is optional include your website, twitter, facebook & leave comment, Thx :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

East Meets West And Struggles To Find Its Balance

UPDATE SPRING 2011: New Picture of us and the Schofield Kids

Grace Holding Her Pocket Person

@ZenMommie with @PocketPeople

Jani With Her Pocket People

The working definition of balance is an even distribution of weight on each side of a vertical axis; stability and harmony. Balance cannot be forced in any way. Harmony is based on relaxation, the sweet science of beingness. In Zen we have a saying "A drop of knowledge is better than a sea of force." In working with the Schofields, I attempted to bring this eastern concept of "The Law of Least Effort" into their western thinking that medication and constant engagement of doing is the only approach.

We introduced FunZen to the Schofields in early 2007. They were inspired in sharing meditation as a tool to help Jani after she was diagnosed with Childhood Schizophrenia. It became my mission to help Jani find a bit of zenergized happy-calm in the zoo of life. It was at this time that I learned that the whole family, except baby Bodhi was on some form of medication. Besides Jani's meds, both parents were also on anti-depressant and anti anxiety medication. Michael and Susan openly discussed being on meds on Oprah. I've always admired their honesty and willingness to look at the best of east meets west in treatment options.

I have respect for the western medication and in this case, the bio-chemical aspect of Jani's treatment. We saw first hand how the drugs helped stabilize her frenetic energy and curb her psychosis. With the medication, Jani appeared able to follow most of her activities of daily living. We also noted her joyful spirit vanish in a drug induced haze when she needed more meds to handle her "out of control" behavior.

But the medication is only one part of the story. We introduced Jani to FunZen meditation as a compliment to her treatment in the hope that gradually over time she would require less medication. From direct experience, I resonate with Dharma Singh Khalsa MD's book "Meditation as Medicine" in it he states that by meditating we are "activating the healing force within us." Jani was very receptive and showed great potential as a student. We noticed the benefits of the spiritual exercises right away. Her attention span increased, improving her ability to focus and we could see an overall sense of comfort and joy in her when she was in a peaceful surrounding.

I am passionate about this important mission because I witnessed mental illness and suicide in my own family growing up. And I am grateful for the power of meditation and its alchemy that under pressure we can transform a chunk of coal into a miracle diamond. I truly believe that medication, by itself, without meditation can prevent us from finding balance in the dance of life. It saddens me that the Schofield parents have discontinued the FunZen meditation. Jani's mother Susan always seemed passionate about the idea of FunZen. Currently, both parents appear to agree that the medication, by itself, is their best treatment plan.

As seen on Oprah and documented in the L.A. Times articles, Michael and Susan repeatedly express the intention to keep Jani constantly "Engaged". There is an intense fear that she will slip into hallucinations and become delusional if she isn't constantly stimulated. In turn, they appear to become overwhelmed and exhausted as they mindlessly struggle to keep Jani busy.

When I was with Jani, my pure intent was to keep her mindfully zen-gaged. In the previous blog, I mentioned how we activated FunZen mindful moments with her. One of her favorite ways to ground her spirit and feel roots is by hugging the green earth and spreading her wings to kiss the pink sky. Jani was learning to follow her Heart's Compass home to the precious present and demonstrate this zen perspective to ground her spirit and calm the buzz.

I feel that Jani's spirit of pure being is not touched by her mental illness. This became very clear to Grace and I when she listened to music like the Beatles and Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and loved to sing along. The nurturing quality of FunZen helped her feel safe, protected, and loved as it does for others as well. It was only when she was constantly busy in the western approach as a human "doing" rather than the eastern human "being in balance", that she appeared to lose touch with her heart's compass of inner wisdom.

Due to sensory overload, Jani often would put up a fight and was unwilling to calm down. Getting her to come home to her senses became a game that I called "Playing Smart When Things Are Falling Apart". The tool we used is "Zengaging Stillness" which I demonstrated to help stabilize Jani in the center of the storm. In order to reach stillness there is no magic pill. It requires skill. The good news is this skill mastery called Centering can be taught to Parents, Teachers, and Kids including special needs children. All it takes is setting your intention to be zenergized calm, centered, empowered and free. Aikido Master, Tom Crum reminds us "Centering doesn't take time, it's a choice and takes intention."

A magic charm that Jani fondly repeated with apparent understanding is the mantra "It takes Teamwork for the Dreams of a Child to work." I feel that our part in this teamwork was forever altered with The Oprah Show. When it was announced that The Schofields would be on Oprah, Grace and I were asked if we could accompany the family to Chicago. The main idea was that we were there to help Jani handle flying to Chicago and to keep her happy-calm and in their words "Engaged". Beyond that, nothing else was ever mentioned or discussed. I never really thought about it until my beloved student, Al McKay aka lil Bear simply asked "are you going to be on the show?"

Grace said that she could see us on Oprah sharing a FunZen minute with Jani, A micro meditation to help her center her spinning tea cup mind. Out of the blue, Oprah was coming to interview Jani. And we were asked less than 24 hrs. earlier if they could do it at our house. We agreed, and got to cleaning in the spirit of Feng Shui. Everything from this point on began spinning madly out of control. Our teamwork became seriously challenged when I asked Susan about sharing FunZen and my work with Jani. I was informed that the segment was strictly human interest and the emphasis would focus solely on the tragedy of Jani's mental illness.

It was obvious that the Schofields wanted to focus on the problem and did not want to mention any possible solutions. Oprah arrived at our house on a Sunday, August 23, 2009 and I was basically told I would not be involved. The shoot ended on a sour note. Oprah decided to leave because of Jani's resistance and no one could deal with her not to mention I was asked to watch adorable baby Bodhi and stay out of the way.

After everyone left, my husband Ron, returned home from work and voiced his concerns that Oprah was in our house and not only did I not get a picture with her, I was not even introduced. This caused Michael Schofield to openly share his thoughts, feeling that he was betrayed by my husband. How could we even consider being mentioned or get a picture with Oprah. We were like all the others just wanting to get a piece of their media story and that we were not taking the severity of Jani's problem seriously.

This is where my compassionate spiritual muscle got stronger. I apologized profusely for even asking to share my work that it might actually help Jani and others like her. I walk in Gratitude, celebrating the spirit by activating Deepak Chopra's enlightening words, " are on a two fold path, to eliminate darkness and to bring on the light." The purity of my intention to help Jani go within rather than go without self-love, comfort and joy has remained constant. Even to this day, even after her parents decided to discontinue FunZen; and the best of east meets west, we send them love and wish them godspeed.

I am grateful that I can share my viewing point in this blog, honoring what is right in principle, not who is right in ego. We taught Jani a Hawaiin self healing heart song that she knows by heart. It is called Ho'oponopono. It goes like this... "I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you." This verbal charm of light were the last words we shared together.

My closing thoughts on Team Spirit for the Dream to Work is found in my American Zen Coach, John Wooden's wise words "It's amazing how much we can accomplish when no one care's who gets the credit."

A Big Thank You to my Twitter family for helping me clarify team spirit and what it means to nurture your artist child and fly the plan like a pilot of your life. Lovely Rita @pocketpeople stood out in Deepak's @deepakchopra stream of illuminating tweets. I contacted her to meet the enchanting Pocket People at Starbucks in Santa Monica. I bought a couple of them and invited Rita to share her Ubuntu (generous spirit) and some of The Pocketopia friends with Jani. She was delighted and loved them and appeared to enjoy meeting Rita Ross. Kirs @kssrogers brought 143 (I love you) to my attention again. She remembered 143 from our previous blog where we shared Jani's FunZen spiritual exercises. Kirs tweets help me return to the light of love to nourish my roots and wings. @Marielhemingway I'm in awe of Mariel's living example of grounding her spirit in nature's playground and sharing her loving free spirit with her tweets. Thx Jodi @JRavenHawk for the purity of your intent to honor taking care of our HOME (heaven here on mother earth).

When Mariel tweeted looking for her beloved dog "Bindu" and mentioned @jenuinehealing I connected-up immediately with Jenuine. She respectfully tuned into my great grandpa's Sokei-an Sasaki's roshi spirit; and sensed my open playfulness of a child or beginner's zen mind. We were on the same music page about seeing our dogs as guardian angels of being. On New Years Eve 12/31/09 The Heal Thyself Visualization she suggested to emotionally release the residue from the Schofields helped me tremendously. Jenuine suggested "firming up my boundaries" and in my words to parent my inner child. After using her energy healing technique to activate her brilliant images I was Spellbound at how much relief I felt instantly. I've continued to apply her message of helping us heal ourselves with renewed zenergy. Mastin @TheDailyLove Thx for Everyday Aha Candy to taste the sweet surrender of finally loving yourself (FLY) which compliments @Lissarankin reminding me to drop kick my inner critic while working my mojo in the inner dojo of learning self love... @NarinderSingh Thx for your humble spirit and making me LOL =)

Last few shoutouts to Love Out Loud to twitter family of friends and non followers who have been Cheerleaders for my soul. Bestselling Author, Dan Millman @pwDan has always been there for me as a peaceful warrior mentor. Once he quoted Barbara Rasp who said ''The lessons are simple; the student is complicated." to guide me by the side. Dan graciously shared the inspired idea "Cheerleader for the soul". Ageless Al Denney has been my Head Coach for the Soul; I honor his timeless message of "Become one with the Force of Nature." I love asking him questions about his unique meeting with Albert Einstein when he was in pre med school. @AnneMerrem Anne in Germany Thx ox for being my original cheerleader for the soul. Agape (Love), Blessings & Gratitude to Terry Crowe Miller my gorgeous sorority sister at the Dr. Seuss-Preuss House and Gratitude to happily married Jim Lynch to Debbie who received the first Black Belt for the Soul. Waterlily (Kristen) and Sunflower (Terri) my Black Belt for the Soul girls (inner dojo circle) helped me ground the spirit of zen mommies learning to be cheerleaders for one another, no matter what... @Lisa_FM Thx for sharing Zen Mommie and Me talk radio FunZen minutes and for empowering me to join twitter. Noelle @velvetpony original zenmommie let peace begin with me in mommie with kokoro,@ZenMommy Thx for helping us treasure Om in Mommy and then some Muah OX @micknsk Thx for your ubuntu spirit of One Love, Ti amo xo
@stressfreekids my Shark Tank Zentrepreneur Lori Lite Thx for sending us awesome books like "Angry Octopus" and CDs Thx Dr.Marcia Sirota @rcinstitute for Compassionate-clarity Warriorette tweets Ben @drbenlo Thx for sharing Mental Fitness and your solid i.e. of empowerment; Playing to win from within...@spoilednattyyah Thx Natalie for Goethe's quote; Love does not dominate; it cultivates...@CharmsOfLight Thx Caryl for sharing your healing gemstones of light and beauty. Your gems remind me of my celebrity jewelry designer days; where I cultivated in each design "everybody has star magic". @Marcome Thx for Musical Kisses OX to feel embraced by the moment and uplifted. Author, Mentor, Helen Fleder my Ballerina Muse, I could listen for hours about your stories dancing with George Balanchine & Martha Graham. Thx profusely for sharing The Miracle Diamond a secret dancers posture tool to stay upright on pointe no matter who you are or where you are.

Dion & Mel Jackson A big Thank you for being there and believing in me from the root source, I love you.
My Head Cheerleader, Grace (daughter), @MelonRolek hi-tech angel support who rocks my world with her 143 floetry ARTitude. When you called our spiritual martial arts "FunZen" you opened the door for others to brighten their inner light and become confident; quietly brilliant...Thank you 143 4 (I love you more) Thx so much (sister) I love you Yuriko Robinson ox
Much Love and Thx to my pal Bill Braunstein for helping flesh out "FunZen" storyboard for Playhouse Disney "The best is yet to come." Loon (Kiki) my Yin Yang girl Thx for sharing I believe I can fly; Pie in the sky moments...Celebrated Author Gary Quinn, Thx profusely for your coaching expertise and Life Coach Certification for Living In The Spiritual Zone. Mahalo, Kathee Lee Kitami my Aloha sister-friend; Keep singing and seeing "Thru the Eyes Of Love." Aloha, Celebrated Author Joe Vitale, Mahalo for sharing "Zero Limits" and Ho' oponopono divine alchemy.
Ron Rolek (husband), Thank you for being my diamond polisher, I love you no matter what...

In the spirit of Ohana is Family where no one is forgotten or left behind; sending a Gratitude Wave of Aloha and Blessings to all those seen and unseen drawing the bigger circle of Compassion to Love, Live and Laugh Out Loud.