Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hi Everyone!

(photo; Grace & I (lil mama) at her premiere for Kung Fu Panda, Secrets of the Furious 5.)

The Best Kept Secret is Out!

"Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children" Walt Disney

Hi Everyone,

I am Michiko and my daughter Grace will be adding her enchanting pixie dust to this post. The intention of this blog is to share training secrets from our Magic Mood Tool Box. Any tool becomes empowering when we pick it up; Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan reminds us that "You meaning your energy, your beingness happen to be the most powerful tool that has ever been created." Your breath is energy and following it mindfully makes it a miraculous tool to take command of your mind body and soul instrument.

I'll be updating and upgrading this post as often as I can with Tool Tips, Tricks, and Quotes. The FunZen Bakery recipes are totally organic and natural; free of chemicals, artificial ingredients and toxic additives. The Aha Candy brings clarity not cavities. LOL Actually when my book Mental Fitness was published with Weatherhill (who also published the Zen Classic "Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind") I was told that my book was like a cookbook to help people simply taste zen or enlightenment. The word spirituality resonates with sweetness like honey to add inner harmony to our overly busy lives. You already have the right ingredients inside of you to cultivate the wholesome purity of happiness; a clear mind, peaceful heart.

I'm preparing to write another book with a FunZen -Spiritual Martial Arts theme for teaching children to go within (for the insight or life lesson) or go without (the b-lesson or aha blessing). Bear in mind that zen and the living art of centering is the core philosophy behind all of the martial arts. This post gives us an opportunity to share how much we care about you finding your unique way to shine from within. Here's a quick glance of Grace today sparkling like a miracle diamond.

In the words of Bruce Lee "Be like water, my friend." Let's activate his verbal centering charm; 

Exhale completely, to relax and re-focus, Breathe in Seawind to your core, pixie pause, Now, Long Breath Out AHHHH glow with the flow; stay 
relaxed= let go with the quiet strength of authentic confidence from your center.

We want to personally Thank Disney Executive Producer, Michele Weiss, for planting the seed idea in our hearts to share FunZen. 
Again, Thank You profusely we are keeping the dream alive!

In the words of Lily Tomlin " We are all in this together, by ourselves".

Ti amo, Chocolate Kisses Muah OXOX

FunZen Girls

(Michiko and Grace)

p.s. Zenjoy enlightened living tools to build skill mastery on your journey.

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  1. this is just a quick shout out from the FunZen girls to say Thx for stopping by...did you know that the root meaning of consider means; observe the stars...the seawind faeries say may the still pool reflect the stars...Zenjoy!