Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blessing in Disguise

My Zen Experience: From Cursed to Charmed

Recently I was asked by Ogun and Jennifer @UFamilyMatters to be on their talk show to share how (Grace and I) practice Zen (the art of present moment living) and apply it to parenting. It may sound simple on the surface. Well, as the expression suggests still waters run deep. I trusted my vibes to dive in deeper and share a bit of honesty re. my family history. What inspired the idea from "cursed to charmed" is the enchanting Bestselling author, Victoria Moran. Her writing is an inspiration for me, she has said "In fairy tales, being charmed was the opposite of being cursed."

Those simple words reminded me of the mother of Zen, Taoism, which reveals that everything is made from its opposite. Sending a wave of Gratitude to
@MarthaBeck for helping me realize this insight... For instance, if we ask for strength, we get weakness. If we ask for confidence, we get lack of believing in ourselves. Looking back, being born into a Zen legacy felt like a huge burden yet a blessing. My heritage on my dad's side is Afro-European and Japanese on my mom's side. This East meets West contrast has been a blessing in building a bridge of appreciation for the rich tones of music and dance while honoring the zen-like silent space between the music notes of life.

During the almost one hour @UnityOnlinRadio interview, I opened up and shared a few pivotal moments of growing up in a home where we kept the fun in the dysfunctional. The toxic drama or ill will and envy continues to this day...

Without further ado, my grateful heart is overjoyed for the opportunity Rev. Jennifer and Ogun Holder has given us to share our vision and voice of renewed Hope. We are honored to be on the same music page with their timely message
of "Spiritual Parenting" by divine design vs. default.
From a Zen mind, Beginner's mind, parenting perspective I've gleaned from being a life long learner to practice the wisdom from My friend Laura and Editor of @DailyWordMag ; Let go, Let God. I mentioned on the show that my beloved mother set the example when she was well, to lead from my presence with passion and purpose. Those character values modeled the first 5 years of my life and have helped shaped me into who I am today, choosing to teach Grace and myself to live a charmed life. The FunZen Bakery was created with the intent to help ourselves to help others shine brilliantly from within.

Gleek Inspirational Recipe of "Greek Honey Cookies" to nourish Being a Cheerleader for your Soul:

In previous blogs we've shared inspirational recipes with easy to do heart steps to reach for that miraculous state of BEing Centered to access feeling Grounded in Spirit with Zen-like Calm to Carry on this message of light; as Children of God or the Universe we are here to sing our heart's song and shine like the dancing stars You and I already are.

Right now, I want to share how Grace and I simply live our practice moment to moment, with a cool tool newly called the Whoooshh Mindful Breath Charm... Some moments or many, (lol) we are thrown off balance. I remind Grace what I remember from dancing that I have to lose my center to trust finding it again and again. We call this process learning to love what is, @ByronKatie or "Acceptance Therapy". For more details on how to get centered check out my book
Mental Fitness which Head Coach, Phil Jackson of the LA Lakers has used successfully to bring the best out of his players.

Simply by Exhaling right now, Whoooshh...Stop in the name of Love and drawing in an All is One (deep blue whale) Breath we allow ourselves to experience a wave of letting go with the long breath out Ahhhh.

Your Whoooshh Mindful Breath Charm empowers you to
taste the honey of non judgmental observation. We can access reaching Stillness from breathing mindfully to reveal our Socratic-zen lesson known as the Delphi Oracle "Know thyself, Be thyself, Love thyself."

Being the Head Cheerleading for the Soul Coach I would like to send a Gratitude Wave of Love and Cheer On my awesome peeps & tweet-hearts who help all of us Shine. Starting with my you glow girl, High Performance Coach Anne Merrem, who is taking the Whoooshh Mindful Breath charm to a whole new winning results level in Germany, Berlin;
my editing angel, @BeautyofWisdom, @CrissyBayless ,
@DrBenlo, @ValenciaRay, @TheZenMama, @ZenMommy @SamHorn_dot_com,
and the list goes on and on... Remember Ohana means family, nobody is forgotten or left behind. I love ya'll.Gentle reminder; @
TheDailyLove take your daily love vites to stay in the light of love. Ti Amo. <3

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  1. Brilliant!! like always, your blog is so inspiring:-)

    <3Maribel Macias

  2. Thank you Zen Mommie Michi for a recipe to nourish our hearts.
    Using equal parts wisdom, grace and beauty, with just a sprinkling of the "fun"
    in dysfunctional, you give us a recipe to taste the sweetness in life and
    remember that life is full of beauty, and blessings in disguise if we only remember to never take the ruby slippers off our feet,
    and keep our heads to the sky...

  3. YES. We must use the tools we acquire in life to keep the light on and running. Easier said then done at times of strife. But discipline = love as YOU have said. And sticking 2 your word is what it makes it happen. Thats something im not always the best at doing. Thank you for reminding me. Keep on Bakin'.

  4. ♥ Blessings grow and grow, often from a place where we intensify our desire ~ for Love, for Peace, for Blessings themselves! ♥ My ♥gratitude to you, Michiko, for Being a Blessing for us all! ♥ Love and sweet Peace to you! ~ Julie

  5. Bakin is right. That's what I'm talkin about. I need some coookies of strength right now myself. Can't wait to see you all again. God Bless you Ti Amo and "Let's keep making miracles!" Michiko Rolek Amen