Thursday, May 5, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Focus, Flow, and Have Fun!

Love is the Answer

Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Very recently (one week ago to be exact), my daughter Grace and I launched a new discussion series that we hope to continue on a regular basis. We examined the timeless wisdom found within our initial topic, "What's Love, Luck and Laughter got to do with living your best life?" Thanks to my awesome student, loyal friend, Anne Merrem (Lil mama, Anne my Berlin girl and Grace in picture) who put the "lunch bunch" together, we were able to share our exciting tips, tools, and know how, with about 22 amazing individuals. The ladies got to taste the magic of mindfulness (non judgmental observation) and an instant confidence boost with the empowerment of posture awareness.

Whether we meet and greet you in person or you're reading this blog, our pure intent is to ignite the brilliant performer within you. The method begins within by re-seeding your attitudes with new creative ideas. Then, releasing old ones, to inspire you to soar and explore, seeing your world in a whole new diamond light.

What's love got to do with it? Put simply, Love is what inspires us to exercise our courage to face and erase our fears and confidently follow our hearts compass to live our dreams.

Here's a pivotal soul story from my personal journey. I share my soul in process to illustrate learning to love me, which zen refers to as complete self acceptance. By taking a few baby steps at a time, this issue to insight is how I learned to be comfortable in my own skin. Taking action steps to love, respect and appreciate myself, has lead me to stand tall, light and firm and share these blessons with you.

I share with you, "Ti Amo."

Getting right to the point, back in the eighties, I met German born, beautiful actress, Natassja Kinski at Capezio's Footwear in Hollywood. During this time, I was dancing on pointe daily and was set to become a professional dancer. We talked about local dance classes and she asked me where I was studying ballet. To my surprise, she showed up at the dance studio bright and early the very next day. After class, she asked me if I could help her learn ballet.

Looking back at this time in my life, I certainly didn't feel good enough to teach or even befriend Natassja (in picture from, Stay As You Are her movie). I totally lacked self acceptance of my body. I was convinced that my butt was too big, making me often feel like a moving violation in ballet class. I constantly heard my ballet teachers say "drop your hips". My lack of perspective made me buy into the limiting beliefs of the If, Then, Plan.

If, I worked harder to have the ballerina body (that my teachers told me I didn't have), Then, I would truly be empowered to celebrate life, make new friends and enjoy myself more.

The whole situation was deflected by telling Natassja I was too busy to help her. There was an inner knowing that I missed the opportunity to work with her due to not being emotionally ready to jump in with both feet. The last time I saw her, I followed my heart and asked how to say I love you in Italian. She said "Ti amo." Those two small words with a very big meaning, "Ti Amo" became my password, tatooed in my heart to say to myself everyday.

Go Within or Go Without: We can learn our enlightened living lessons so we are not the ones holding ourselves back. From this experience I gleaned; "My body was a prison of self hatred, until self love set me free..." By keeping our hearts open to unconditional love, starting with ourselves,we can create space to both be heard and heal instantly. (click here for more self-healing love from my brilliant tweetheart friend @ValenciaRay M.D.)

"The basis of fear is not trusting yourself, not loving yourself. In a nutshell, you feel bad about who you are." Pema Chodrun :) The Smile @ Fear Teachings, my personal favorite ♡

Inspirational Recipe: Pie in the Sky
1-2-3 Easy As Pie (German Chocoate)

Step 1. Whooshhh. Smile, Relax & Re-focus, Catching a Gratitude Breath Wave… Slowly exhaling... to reach inner stillness and brighten your inner light.

Step 2. Look inward. Visualize your mind calm like water… Then, deeply~ Inhale~ Pure Love which waters your roots of learning to trust and love yourself.

Step 3. Long Breath Out…Ahhhh. Tighten-up the core to Lighten-up. Spread your heart wings to remain Upright instead of uptight, wearing your miracle diamond of mindfulness.

Now take this dancer's secret posture tool with you one mindful breath at a time to Focus, Flow and have Fun.

In the words of Grace Rolek, "Fear out, Fun in, with FunZen."

In upcoming blogs, I will discuss Part 2 Luck and Part 3 Laughter.

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In Gratitude w/Love ❤

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  1. Wow, Thank you for sharing your honesty, it's so true were all in this together. Even when it seems so scary to feel lost and confused I'm not alone. Your blog helps me find my way home to loving myself. ;)

  2. This blog hit home...thank you for writing it and sharing your soul's journey. I'm a loyal fan. <3

  3. Great post! I sure can relate, I used to have lots of "I'm not good enough" beliefs that held me back from making relationship connections. I'm glad that we can update our brain with more loving beliefs (BTW, the brain is like a filter to take spirit to form - it's very helpful to understand how to consciously navigate our mindset). Thanks for visiting my site, the new, updated version will be out any day now!! xoxo