Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oopsie Daisies

Hey there, it's Grace!  Writing my second entry in the FunZen Bakery.

There are Oopsie Daisy moments everywhere in life, as long as we take the time to find them.

Oopsie Daisy moments are when you take mistakes and you turn them into blessings.
They are the moments where you take a seemingly 'bad situation' and you find a way to make
light of it.

With FunZen, it's easy to find those moments and turn negative experiences into life lessons.

For example,

Recently I got my cellphone stolen. That really sucked. It would've been easy for me to mope around completely depressed about the situation. Instead, I took some breaths and figured out where I was going to go from there.

When my mom and I were taking the picture above, in true Oopsie Daisy fashion everything was going wrong. My daisy pen wouldn't stay in my hair, the lighting was all wrong and everything was just frustrating. For a minute there I wanted to pull my hair out, rip out the grass, yell and scream. Instead, I took some centering breaths and kept my cool and once I calmed down everything started to work the way we had hoped.

To make a correlation between music and oopsie daisy moments, we can take a look at jazz improvisation. Zen and jazz have much in common, since jazz is about being in the moment. With improvisation, we adopt the beginner's mind, the zen mind, and improvise, making things up along the way. That's what improvisation is.  If we strike a note we didn't mean to hit, we can keep going and just use it as a passing tone instead of freaking out and apologizing for 'messing up', which I've seen people do.

The ability to change the way you look at a situation and find the life lesson in it or find the positive aspect is one I am quite blessed to have. I'm extremely grateful that my mom has shared these tools with me and now I feel quite happy to share these tools with you!

Now my mom's going to take it away and write a little bit more on Oopsie Daisy moments.

Ti Amo,


Updated 4/11/15: Zen is like jazz improv. Miles Davis said it best, "Do not fear mistakes, there are none."

Hi Everyone,

Welcome home sweet shalom.  Sharing oopsie daises truly makes my heart tune into the Gratitude station. For me, it's awesome to see Grace making the choice to share her voice and direct experience of playing jazz as a mindful teen in the spirit of "FunZen" as she calls it. What is cool is that her grandfather (my dad, Jim Robinson) was a jazz musician and infused my soul with the best of the best in music from Mozart to Miles to Motown, which I'm passing on to Grace.

Miles Davis' Bitches Brew Live
Simply put, here's an oopsy daisy jazz experience that captures the essence of this blog entry. When I was 11 years of age, I met Miles Davis. With my curious georgia spirit, I asked him a question or two and he said "lil girl, you ask too many questions," Unflinching, I noted he was listening to his music "Bitches Brew", and I courageously sat next to him meditatively, and listened as well. I can honestly say today, that I can hear the magic of how Miles steps into the silent spaces between the music notes when he plays his trumpet. His famous quote "Do not fear mistakes, there are none."actually reminds me of the flower I've dedicated to him, an angel's trumpet.

Your Angel's Trumpet Inspirational Recipe:  

The hidden password at the FunZen Bakery: Go Within or Go Without, go within for your life lesson or go without the aha blessing of Satori your instant insight.

Just because we start to meditate and practice living more mindfully doesn't mean we won't get our share of oopsie daises; emotional roller coaster rides. missteps, and obstacles to overcome. The difference is choosing to use our centering tools to apply coming back home to center. This is also known as facing the music of life.

Being mindful with Zen or FunZen simply helps us practice finding our balance in the dance called life. The moment we lose our balance, we can catch a centered breath wave, relax into the present moment to reach stillness and gently find our balance again.

Like zen and the art of jazz improv, with practice, we can face the music and be in balance, in the moment with effortless effort.  Our problems makes us more relatable to eachother, they humanize us as a human family.

 Angel Food for Thought, (off you go menu)

"Art is a journey to the Center of one's Being." 

Terry Lynn Taylor & Mary Beth Crain

 Oopsie Daisies Mantra: "When things are falling apart, we start making art." FunZen Girls

Please share your seeds of light, insights, and any questions, so we  can make our Oopsy Daisy chain bigger and bigger...

Be a Resourcerer Tip: Cultivate your curious george or georgia spirit, gently encouraging you to empower yourself  to do a little research to nurture your creativity.  Imagine more, improvise, and innovate ways to see the world in a whole new light. With your zen mind, beginner's mind you will begin to make your own oopsy daisy chain of blessings.

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In Gratitude w/Love and Hugs ❤
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  1. Loved your Oopsy Daisie post Grace! I like how you describe "real" situations to describe how "the tools" your mom teaches are helpful during life's roller coaster moments. I also like that you pointed out that just because we start to meditate and become more mindful that doesn't mean oopsy daisies won't be there. Our tools help us and allow us to see the light and react more calmly. Love, Jill

  2. Oopsie Daisy moments can the beginning of a new experience of life. But we must keep the perspective of truth in the midst of the context of life. Just like people say there are two sides of life, light/dark, inside/out we must always remember to come back to center and express and experience the best part of God's creation which is his goodness. God Bless and amen.

  3. There is hope for our Thanks for coping tools, to deal with the daily grind.