Friday, February 22, 2013

How to Say Yes to Others, without Saying No to Yourself

Remembering Debbie Ford; We miss you because we cannot touch you ♡, yet you are touching us Debbie, because love lives forever.

Self-love is the warrior's code. It is the source of her courage and confidence.

Compassionate Warriorette, Best Selling Author, Debbie Ford ♡

Always say “yes” to the present moment... Surrender to what is. Say “yes” to life — and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you. Eckhart Tolle

In the martial arts, there is only the present moment...we protect our work by not losing our focus...Zen is the core philosophy behind Bushido~the way of the samurai warrior. M.J.Rolek, Mental Fitness, Complete Workouts for Body,Mind, and Soul ❤     

Thank you for being here and visiting the FunZen Bakery, awesome to see you.

Clearly, many of us get overbooked and have a hard time saying NO. Sound true? Why? People I've talked to have expressed that saying no feels like a struggle because of their people pleasing tendencies, unclear priorities, and feeling too overwhelmed to even consider what is being requested. 

Patti Breitman and Connie Hatch wrote this amazing book; "How to Say No without feeling guilty and Say YES to more Time, more Joy, and what matters most to You". This book encourages us to tune into the law of choice, thus turning issues to insights, and How to Say NO without feeling bad.  

In the first part of this compassionate worrier to warrior blog, I mention the single question that we've asked our awesome guests; How do you handle success stress? and performance pressure? 

As promised here are the 2 Shark Tank winners, Mompreneurs, 
Lori Lite, Season 1 and Kierston Hathcock, Season 2. Both of these gorgeous winners are making a positive difference in the world, and complement each other. 

Here's a short and bright sound bite of Grace interviewing Lori to find out how 
she handled the pressure of being in the Shark Tank. 

Parent stress expert, Lori Lite of Stress Free Kids magically share books, CD's, and curriculums to help children, teens, and adults decrease stress, anxiety and anger to feel more blessed and destressed. We love how Lori passionately lives her practice, turning her real life into a work of art with her growing media outlets.

Mod Mom~Kiersten Hathcock, CEO~Designer, is an ex-marketing executive turned self-taught furniture designer/builder and founder of; The Little LIght Project,  Connecting with Spirit, and helping families connect with children who have passed. Kiersten and I had a few lovely phone conversations to actually set up our interview with Grace joining us. What actually happened is reflected in the words of Woody Allen, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans." The soul seed idea of asking just one question about how to handle success stress was being watered as I was starting to see a clear pattern in the lifestyle of the modern mom. The battle cry for help that I kept hearing was "so much to do, and so little time.'"

I have much respect for Kiersten, she truly is a compassionate warriorette, please check out her wholehearted comment and see for yourself.

"I've learned to deal with success stress, which for me is all about spreading myself too thin, but learning to trust my intuition.  If I'm asked to do one too many things that I know will help my business but I also know I will pay for it physically and mentally, I will go with my intuitive feelings that help me gauge what to turn down and what to accept.  I am a big believer that if you're in alignment with what your true soul/self wants, then you don't have to work non-stop to make things happen.  There needs to be a balance and when there is, you can move ahead without becoming overwhelmed and stressed."

Bonus Life B-lesson from famous illustrator, Mary Engelbreit and her President, John Mavrakis. 

My fingers were crossed after a few discussions with John over the phone, I recall him being enthusiastic about my connection with the Zen Master, NBA Coach Phil Jacskon. The idea of M.E. illustrating our worrier to warrior, FunZen project in Spring 2012  felt promising after our chats and emails . When I heard  Mary was overbooked and unable to do the project I was sad, yet grateful for the positive experience of  hearing an example of "Saying No, without feeling guilty".  What beckoned me to make the choice to share my authentic voice about  this experience is what came next... Realizing that Mary  Engelbreit wasn't going to illustrate the FunZen project, I then asked John if Mary could share a comment about the material, and handling success stress. The life changing moment occured when he expressed that Mary  appreciated  our FunZen project but didn't feel "qualified" to make a comment. 

My aha moment of clarity was amplified, when I realized that hearing the words not feeling "qualified" to share a comment inspired me  to make let's get zen teachings or what my daughter calls "FunZen" more clear and accessible. The situation was a calling to use my worrier to warrior tools to breathe, accepting what is, with self compassion.  Now, it's your turn to bloom instead of gloom.  Together (we got this), with the a little help from the FunZen girls, we're  here to encourage you to empower yourself to find little to big ways to bloom where you're planted, celebrating your  power of choice to taste the sweetness of  I Got This.  

Successilicious  Recipe: with all due respect to Mary Engelbreit's quote, "Bloom where you are planted", for the FunZen girls this pith saying means handling performance pressure by courageously choosing to give ourselves 
room to find our groove, shifting from worrier to warrior,  improve instead of gloom. 

Gloom to Bloom in one breath

Stop in the name LOVE! Hold your head like a flower (blooming) on 

a long stem your spine rooted  into the ground. 

(press your feet or sit bones straight 

down and gently press up through your heavenly crown)

(To activate your secret dancer's posture tool the miracle diamond click here.)

S.mile (mouth yoga)

T.ake a breath and focus on the long breath out Ahhhh
O.bserve yourself nonjudgmentally or mindfully
P.roceed with a clear mind, peaceful heart warrior spirit of I Got This Confidence activation. 

Aha Tweet Tweets: When @PanacheDesai sent a magical tweet to @zenmommie which appeared out of blue 2/19, his compassion awakened in my heart;  only love rooted in the Divine can help us heal and realign with our authenticity or in his words "soul signature".  From direct experience of his "the guru is you" zen approach,  I sense that he sends a vibration that feels like a  kiss reminding us to follow our bliss. That late night his tweet helped me remember this insight, if you think someone let you down, what made you think they were holding you up.

Watching Panache with Oprah(click) on Super Soul Sunday, I was reminded of my enchanting mindful play sessions with  Jani labeled  "The Schizophrenic Child".
Oprah came to my house on a Sunday in August 2009 to  interview Jani.

Here's the daisy chain link ☞blog, I was encouraged to write about \my unforgettable learning experience.

What's Next: My worrier to warrior turnaround experience with "Pixar's Brave"  cupcake warriorette winner Jane Marie, and her mother Michele Kenno.

Introducing tweetheart, friend, Intuitive Healer, @JenuineHealing, her work is similar to Panache in helping people activate their connection to the Divine. She shares her secret recipe for shining brilliantly no matter what. Jen gave me awesome self healing tips for recovery after the storm with the Schofield's
and more girls just wanna focus, flow and have fun surprises...

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  1. Dearest Michiko, I just nourished my soul with your wonderful blog. You have such a strong voice as a writer and it truly comes through from your heart. ♥

  2. "Reading the FunZen Bakery blog is like eating a virtual cupcake... Each entry is a delightful taste of much needed wisdom and
    awareness...just as a cupcake is a delightful taste of much needed
    sugar and sweetness. Michi... I love how you are bringing awareness to FunZen and mindfulness for moms. Anyone that wants to better their life will benefit from the wisdom you so creatively share. I am so honored to work with such an amazing woman as you. You continue to facilitate my potential to levels I didn't know existed. My children are living examples of how we must first be mindful of our own self in order to help our children with their challenges."

  3. Beautiful blog from a beautiful heart! <3 Lii Mama (Michiko) I am so glad to see you coming out of your shell to show the world your brilliantly shining light, as there are many who are benefitting from it. Thank you!

  4. Dear Michiko! The video with Sensei Benny and Nadine Champion was INSPIRING for sure! To get your emotions under control and face your fears and to become champion of yourself and master of your own destiny! Thanks for sharing!