Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Art of Zencouragement

"The essence of all art is having pleasure giving pleasure." Misha Baryshnikov

Lucky Charm Starter ♡
: let's apply the essence of this quote with a delicious inspirational recipe; for helping you find your Comfort & Joy Ritual.

Start simply by being curious about what brings you pleasure or joy... Just asking the question and getting quiet by breathing deeper will empower you to hear your lucky "Aha" message smack in the middle of life, perhaps rustling in the Fall leaves, ❧ or twinkling in the night sky.✳

Thank you for visiting the FunZen Bakery,

Zen mommie and Grace oxox


  1. I heard someone say my mom reminded them of Audrey Hepburn. I couldn't agree more. My mom is sweet and kind but she shouldn't be messed with. She mean's business. She's the head cheerleader for our souls! Take it from me ;)

    Ti Amo,
    Grace (Melon) Rolek <3

  2. Michiko and Grace,
    When I visit your FunZen Bakery my day only gets better!!
    Grace, you are absolutely right, Michiko is the head cheerleader for our soul!!

  3. grace shin-jacksonOctober 5, 2010 at 11:30 AM

    i work as a nurse where i'm subjected to wear uniforms and the "clean cut" look is not only encourged, but is our "norm". the other day, i was at starbucks when my friend "lil mama" (michiko rolek). she looked absolutely adorable in her little black pants, clean line shirt with a simple cardigan and accessories that added more sparkle to her already sparkly smiling personality. i call it the audrey hepburn look. she not only inspired me, but reminded me it's okay for a women to look her best. how many PTA meetings or trips to the grocery store did you make and hear other women snickering "she's a little overdressed for the occassion, don't you think". It's okay to feel pretty, and look pretty too

  4. Yes, the Audrey Hepburn comment is right on - and shall we say let's add Mulan :)... ZM - Zen mommie is the embodiment of the female warrior; love and sweetness and when necessary a cut to heart - clean, direct and effective, bringing healing so fast that rehab can be skipped! Then it is about practice!