Sunday, August 29, 2010

You Hold the Magic Key!

“Don’t put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket but into your own.” Unknown

I'm delighted to share this wonderful quote that my friend Rita Ross shared with me on a recent sunny day at the park. As you may know, Rita is the Creator of imaginative
Pocket People; authentic, one of a kind, lovely dolls. They remind us of the "Beatitudes" or Be-attitudes connecting us to our enlightened nature as follows; Be beautiful, Be brilliant, and Be bold.

Since the magic key is already in your pocket, what come's next are easy to follow heart steps on how to Activate it.

123 Easy As Pie

Step 1. Pixie Pause... Whooshhh… Slowly exhaling... to reach inner stillness.

Step 2. Look inward, visualize your mind calm like water… Then, deeply~ Inhale~ Pure Love which waters your roots of learning to trust and love yourself.

Step 3. Long Breath Out…Ahhhh ->tighten-up the core to lighten-up ->spreading your heart wings to embrace your innate key to activate your happiness and peace.

Now; take it with you one mindful breath at a time.

Thank you profusely for allowing us to share this inspirational recipe with you...143


  1. I'll try this all week! I need to activate my peace and happiness....although, don't we all!!!!
    Thanks Michiko!

  2. Another sweet and zenFull look at our breathing
    and super techniques to inject into our daily practice.
    Thank you for seeing the Fun in Zen and for showing us how simple
    mindfulness can change a whoa to a wow! Xo Rita Ross

  3. You're a pure, Loving breath of fresh air, Michiko! I Love your Be-attitudes and your Zenful recipes for such a Lovely day!

    Love to you and to Pocket People, too!
    ♥ Julie

  4. Great Blog spots and cool recentering information. Just reading it helps me to refocus, rejuvenate and rezen myself.

    Blessings to you all and much love! xo