Friday, January 14, 2011

Keep your Head to the Sky & Stay on your Feet

    Kelly's Moment of Zen

As Jon Kabat Zinn says: “We can't stop the waves but we can learn to surf'.

A few years ago I was honored to teach and share a savory taste of Mindfulness with champion surfer, Kelly Slater. At the time, to be honest I didn't know who he was, yet sensed his great presence. Kelly's laser beam focus was impressive yet I quickly observed that riding a mental wave for Kelly appeared to be a welcome challenge, an opportunity, just like riding the perfect wave. ❧
update: 5 ways Kelly Slater has taught us.. learn more 

Mindful Inspirational Appetizer:

(Bobby Flay's Yum Cesar Crostini)

Find your Zen moment of Awe-someness to use everyday noises like birds chirping, phone ringing tones, a beep, favorite song, as your Mindful Fitness reminder, to tune out distractions (monkey-mind chatter) and tune into your Whooshhh outbreath... For now, simply ride a few of your breath waves, (your body's wisdom knows what to do, take 1-5 out and in breath cycles), we'll discuss inner mechanics from Mental Fitness another time.❧

When you hear these sounds as a reminder, allow them to be there with non resistance, simply ride your breath waves to soften and Relax letting go into the present moment, which is all new, always available here in the now. This mindful move is your opportunity to flex getting Getting your head in the A game for Altitude, Authenticity, Awareness using Mental Fitness as our Playbook. Consider this: having a great attitude with altitude activates this awesome idea from Inspired Author, Neale Donald Walsch "Masters are those who have chosen Only Love. In every moment." What helps me re-center is to remember to ask where is the love? noting that love is for-giving, an act of self love. This helps especially when I fall off my inner surfboard again and again getting right back up on my feet, making it up as I go, also know as "child's play" or trusting our intuition.

On pg. 74 in Mental Fitness, I mention returning to your centered breath to anchor your attention in the present moment as you learn to ride your mental surfboard.

Surf's Up!

Mental Fitness (Foreword by Leonard Cohen) still available: amazon, go to funzen books 

In Gratitude w/Love ❤

FunZen Girls OX
Michiko and Grace


  1. "There are two things children should get from their parents: roots and wings."
    — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    As Michiko says it: keep your head to the sky and stay on your feet. East meets West - the beauty of funzen.

  2. Yes! As you always say we must ride the waves of our minds on our mental surfboard. Lets just say I've rode some tsunamis in my mind and got knocked all around the ocean multiple times. And theres even been times when i've been lost at sea. But I always seem to find my way back to shore. And it just so happens that Iv'e used those same tsunamis to help me back to shore much quicker then me having to paddle all the way back in anger...Whew! gotta take a BREATH on that.

  3. I love how you make it so simple to live in the moment. When I'm in the moment, I can handle whatever life throws at me, focus to the finish line or savor the moment in which i'm in without worrying about when its going to be over.

    When the waves over my head, It doesn't have to knock me down, when I'm in the moment, everything slows down and I can find my way quicker than thought possible. One of your best yet mom! <3

    Ti Amo,