Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's Luck Got to Do with It?

My intent is to share my kismet experience of meeting and sharing a pith meaningful conversation with Jerry Seinfeld at Starbucks in Burbank California. Beforehand, let's look at L.U.C.K. as an acronym: (L)abor (U)nder (C)onstructive (K)nowledge meaning with a solid work ethic or discipline, knowledge applied (wisdom) and preparation (foundation) will allow good things to happen for anyone. From a zen perspective consider that resistance or fear pushes away what we want and non resistance and love magnetizes and draws our best and highest good to us. Basically, it's the right attitude, not a random fluke that leads to making your own luck and living a charmed life.

The words that danced through my mind when I spotted Jerry Seinfeld sitting at a table near the front door talking to his colleague who looked more unapproachable than Jerry was "he looks too busy, play it by ear". I only had a couple of minutes and was actually almost late picking up my daughter, so thinking fearlessly on my feet meant I had milliseconds to respond (from my soul) or react (from my ego) and pretend I didn't notice him.

When I quieted down my monkey chatter with a few mindful breaths, I trusted my intuition and just took some heart steps over to his table. Blossoming where I landed, I uttered "this is a Shy to Hi" moment. He smiled and I whooshed feeling comfort and joy that he appeared receptive to my inquiry. I asked him how Zen influenced his "show about nothing" comedy ... He said he was flattered that I asked and shared that Zen had inspired him. He added that he'd read many books on Zen... I mentioned how Grace & I started the FunZen Bakery and shared it's message of light, to help kids shine brilliantly by going within for life lessons or going without their blessed Aha's.

He smiled with a simpatico (friendly) sense of resonating with the point to offer kids and parents Perspective Life Skills. I felt this yin yang creative tension of appreciation that Jerry was open to discussing a bit of zen, yet a strong urgency that I had to go get Grace. It is beyond the scope of this blog to share more details about my Lady Luck experience. Perhaps in a future blog I'll share more awesome details on this idea of Zen and The Art of Jerry Seinfeld which is an actual chapter in a Biography, Jerry Seinfeld, Much Ado About Nothing by Josh Levine that I researched after I met him.

"Zen is just looking at something from a different perspective, and that's what
a lot of comedy is". Jerry Seinfeld

For now, what is key is that you carry the vibe that you can Be your best and make your own luck. With this one thing: Trust your Intuitive Heart which knows how to blossom where you land, with your unique "Shy to Hi" zen moment of; asking a challenging question, meeting someone new, listening to your inner wisdom and shifting away from: what if (future worry) what was (past) to the sweet acceptance of reality or what is (present).

Back to the opening? What's luck got to do with it? It appears that luck has to do with Oprah Winfrey's common sense wisdom; "I feel that luck is preparation meeting opportunity."

Inspirational Recipe: Lady Luck Cupcakes

Following your heart begins within with setting aside a little Quiet Time for Getting Centered.

3's a Charm Stay In Your Heart Interactive Steps:❤❤❤

1) Blossom where you land by feeling your feet pressing down (root lower body) and gently reach up (rise) through your heavenly crown, eyes closed (center up between your eyebrows; or lower your eye lids) keeping your head to the sky, shoulders ( heart wings) spreading soft and wide.

2) Mindfully (non judgmentally, be kind to your mind) Observe your breath flowing out and in...up to a minute or so. Gradually deepen your breath by feeling the rise and fall of your tummy ~Ride the waves ~(Discover Centered Breath in Mental Fitness pg 22)

3) Ignore and dismiss any (monkey chatter) self defeating thoughts like doubt and regrets sweep your mind clear with your long breath out. Welcome the compassionate heart thoughts that inspire you to aspire and take action for your highest good.

Here's your Lady Luck Centering Charm to make or bake your own luck. This is one that Grace (daughter) and I use often to zencourage positive thinking, raise our energy and deepen our fearless faith.

Exhale, relax and refocus, Breathe in ~I am (pixie pause) Long Breath Out~

Being my best and allowing God (Divine Love or Spirit) to handle the rest
...repeat 3 or more times. Note starting to sense zen-like calm to carry on... comes naturally.

As mentioned in the previous blogs Got Zen? Becoming A Resourcerer, we are exploring ways to activate brilliant author, Neil Pasricha's 3A's of Awesome, Attitude (way of being) Awareness (mindfulness) Authenticity (return to your original nature) using Mental Fitness to get your head in the A game.

Any suggestions or questions: tweet me, call me, email me, facebook awaits; How can I help you empower yourself to shine? Looking forward... Let's start the conversation.

Mental Fitness (Foreword by Leonard Cohen) still available: Amazon, Bodhi Tree Books , or, contact me for an autographed copy and free gift telecoaching session. Share with your friends and Zenjoy!

In Gratitude w/Love ❤

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  1. What an incredible blog. I always learn from you, seeing what I need to see (in the written form) at any moment in time. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, teachings, and love with us all. I know I gain from each blog you write. It is INSPIRING. I also now have another tool to use in my tool box to ground, center, and release.

    Raven Hawk