Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Your Zen Tune-up Experience

Pema Chodrun

I recently read Author, Host, Tom Bergeron's superb book I'm Hosting as Fast as I Can! Zen and the Art of Staying Sane in Hollywood. When he mentioned "giving himself a Zen tune-up backstage to find his center" I was spellbound. Tom fondly mentioned an Alan Watts quote "If you hold your breath, you lose it." In that moment of reading that quote, I instantly recalled a "A Single Breath" meditation exercise I learned at Cal Arts from legendary Zen poet Gary Snyder. He was friends with philosopher, Alan Watts (also a student of my great grand father Sokei-an) and studied Zen at my family's First Zen Institute in Kyoto, Japan.

Without further ado, here's a quick on the spot application you can use to find your center, in the gift called the precious present, your Zen moment to be zenjoyed, that's what gifts are for. Consider Phil Jackson's wise words " The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single breath. Here we go...

Inspirational Recipe; Snow Globe Cupcakes

One Breath Meditation
(Centering technique)

Consider a Snow globe turned upside down and shaken about. When it is set upright, the snow begins to settle and the scene is clear once again. Think of your mind the same way. We get tossed about by the stressful events but in an instant of the miracle of mindfulness, with One Breath, we get ourselves upright, our thoughts begin to settle and our mind becomes more clear.

Gentle Reminder; Stop (press your zen button, Whooosh) Breathe, Feel (Centered) ; Clear Mind, Peaceful Heart activation of your warrior (warriorette) spirit... It doesn't take more time to get centered, thinking on your feet, it takes intent. It's always an empowering choice we can make to live in what brilliant Author, Eckhart Tolle calls "The Power of Now."

Thank you straight from my heart inspired author of Along the Winding Path: A Little Personal Journey, a mind-body-spirit work ...@JulieShanti for being my cheerleader soul angel and inspiring me to post this to share my best and highest good, Ti amo... ❤ Brain storming with you is refreshing, like tasting zenlighten-mints.

Tom inspired me to mention Starbucks & this Heartwarmer quote:
"Friends are like snowflakes: each one different and beautiful..."❤

Cupcakes in picture from click here Sprinkles

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In Gratitude w/Love ❤

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  1. This Centering Breath is the Woooshsh with which stress melts like the frosting on a cupcake! It's making the rounds and it is appreciated among my clients who come from upper levels in business and elite levels in sports. It helps me time and again in letting go of energy that is hindering my upright feeling. One exhale, and the balance is back. It takes practice, and the reminder to practice is every moment - especially when we feel uncomfortable. I am grateful for this simple tool - easy to use and completely portable - my breath is right there with me! Lack of energy? Wooooshshsh! Getting in the moment? Wooooshshsh! Doubt? Wooooshshshsh! Not sure what to do? Wooooshshsh! Emptying that cup of confusion, delusion, irritation and hallucination - filling it with gratitude, happiness, peacefulness and present-mindedness. Thank you, zen mommie - this is self-healing and empowering!! high perfomance coach anne merrem; berlin, germany

  2. In a one breath meditation, You can snap out of a funky emotion quicker than ever thought possible. I love my mom's inspirational recipes, because they help quickly! Then I can go back to being my great me. :)

    Ti Amo,

  3. I heard once that we must first "Empty our Cup" to receive something new...Visiting The FunZen Bakery not only helps me to re-new my attitude by not sweating the small stuff but actually gives me a taste or direct experience of Zen. I'm diggin sharing this stuff with my friends.