Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hallelujah! Leonard Cohen

"She has made some important matters wonderfully clear, and every page is informed by a sweet concern for the well-being of her reader." Leonard Cohen

Foreword and Afterword with Joyful Heart Praise!

In the mid nineties Leonard Cohen wrote the foreword to my book Mental Fitness which on a light note, I now see as sipping yogi green tea to "chill & reach stillness." At the time, I wasn't ready to accept the awesomeness of what he wrote. I actually shared his foreword in a previous blog (Get a Sip of Zen in the Zoo of Life). This post is a new perspective.❧

In keeping this short, sweet and to the point, DGMS (don't get me started:), I've made absolute peace with the divine timing of my daughter Grace Sakura being born a few months after Mental Fitness was published from Weatherhill now Shambhala. In short, I'm a late bloomer in promoting myself, realizing that being a mother was more important and to this day the most sacred honor to uphold. As stated in the quote above from the foreword, I resonate with "every page is informed by a sweet concern for the well-being of her reader." The expression "sweet concern" reminds me of the Sanskrit word "Madhuvidya" which means sweet knowledge, and the simple act of infusing spirituality into our everyday lives. I am honored to share with my readers delicious ways to restore well-being.
On a side note Neil Pasricha's The Book Of Awesome helps us infuse those tiny little sweet moments into our lives empowering us to play our A game of Awesome. We attain Altitude with his 3A's; Attitude, Awareness, and Authenticity as mentioned in a previous blog.

Indeed, the intent of this blog, and my work which Grace calls "FunZen" (making mindfulness and breathing fun & imaginative) is to cultivate sacred moments aka
itsy bitsy joys that sweeten our daily life. Thank you for joining me in a rebirth of Mental Fitness where I'm onboard to help you embrace your original nature and turn what your soul already knows into joyful heart steps in the dance of life.


My old teacher, Joshu Sasaki Roshi, has asked me to say a few words about the book which you are holding. He never really learned English, and he has forgotten much of his Japanese, but he knows a good thing when he sees it, and he wanted me to thank Michiko Rolek, on his behalf, for her very helpful instructions.

I live with a number of bewildered souls on a mountain in southern California. The place is called a Zen Center, and it probably is, but it is also a kind of hospital for people who have forgotten how to breathe, or sit, or stand, or walk. Michiko has developed a simple and effective approach to these fundamental activities. Some of us are breathing better already.

This workbook may not solve the Burning Issues of Your Life, but you sure as hell can save yourself a lot of trouble by looking into it. You might even be able to skip having to visit a place like this, or if you are already in one, perhaps with this valuable information you can slip away.

In any case, we want to join Roshi in expressing our gratitude to Michiko for her kindness in presenting to us her manual on Mental Fitness. She has made some important matters wonderfully clear, and every page is informed by a sweet concern for the well-being of her reader.

Thank you.
Jikan Eliezer
a Mt. Baldy monk
(Leonard Cohen)

Inspirational Recipe: Making Mindful Breathing a "Staple"
Gratitude is the Mother of Lovingkindness & Joyfulness

(Pure Joy comes from our Spirit) "Joy is prayer~Joy is strength~Joy is love~Joy is a net of love by which we catch souls..." Mother Teresa

HeartWarmer Spiritual Exercise: Breathe in slow and deeply: Opening your heart, (expanding lower ribs)

Breathe out: Expanding your net of pure love (firm-up core on exhalation)
(perform 3-4 breath cycles) repeat connecting the heart dots at your pace of comfort & joy through out the day one breath at a time... (gentle reminder, we forget a lot, i'm simply here to offer little hints helping you refresh & re-center, perhaps making the miracle of mindfulness your daily ritual...;)

Listen-up and Zenjoy!

For this blog, please ask about special offer for Mental Fitness... Thank you.
Looking forward to hearing from you...

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  1. I appreciate the comment about motherhood being a "sacred honor to uphold," which I applied even to foster-mothering. Thanks.

  2. Hallelujah, to finally find out what Madhuvidya means in a pracical momma way. Very cool to sprinkle (kindness) on those "I can't catch my breath moments..."

  3. Now your ready to share your Madhuvidya! Loved listening to Hallelujah while reading this. Uplifting and Inspiring.

  4. Thank you for bringing Sanskrit words into your teachings, Michiko! Such a Blessing! ♥ In gratitude for your own sweet knowledge, ~ Julie